PhoneMatsch: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I change my calling plan?

You can change your calling plan at any time. Within about ten minutes of changing your plan, all calls and costs in the current billing period will be recalculated to reflect the change.

How often can I change my calling plan?

You can change your calling plan as often as you like. However, the plan you have selected when bills are run (usually the 17th of the month) is the plan that will be honored on your bills. For example, if you change from the Standard Plan to the Value Plan on the 15th of the month, all calls in the billing cycle will be billed at the Value Plan rates. If you were to change back to the Standard Plan on the 16th of the month, all calls would revert back to the Standard Plan rates.

If I use the Value Plan, how often can I change my Favorite Number?

Again, you may change your number as often as you want, and at any time. However, only one number will be honored per billing cycle. Therefore, the number you have selected when the bills are run (usually the 17th of the month) will be the only number you receive the extra discount on.

Why aren't cordless phones recommended?
As convenient as cordless phones are, they don't work very well in residence halls. They don't have enough frequencies to provide adequate privacy. If you use a cordless phone, it is very likely that a person down the hall can listen in on your calls!

Are other calling plans available?
This fall, the college will start to offer some options in addition to the basic PhoneMatsch calling plan. We'll be tailoring several plans for students with specific needs:

International calling
Frequently dialed numbers
High volume (lots of calls)
There will also be specials from time to time. Watch the PhoneMatsch WWW site for these plans and specials as they become available.

Why do bills go out on the 17th of the month?
The college does this in order to balance the workload of Business Office staff, who prepare and process your bills. They are typically very busy at the beginning and end of each month (most bills are due then), so PhoneMatsch bills are processed when they have a lighter workload.

Why can't I sign up for a residential calling plan from another long distance company?
You can't do this because these plans require you to have residential local service from Ameritech, which would cost you about $20 per month. Any potential savings you'd get from long distance would get eaten up by the additional costs from Ameritech. Besides, PhoneMatsch's rates are almost always better than other companies' plans! If you really want to use another long distance vendor, you can, but you'll have to use a calling card or call collect.