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  • New Lower Rates

    Starting July 1, we have lowered PhoneMatsch rates to as low as 9 cents a minute at night! Daytime rates aren't quite so low, but we feel that PhoneMatsch offers students the lowest-cost option for long distance.

    We're often asked why we don't offer a 10 cents per minute rate all the time like some long distance providers do. Our answer is simple: If you look closely at the other "10 cents per minute" plans, you'll see that they're really not offering 10 cents per minute.

    Here's why: These plans charge a monthly fee to enroll, usually around $5. If you make 100 minutes of long distance calls a month on such a plan, the cost of those calls, plus the monthly fee, will be $15.00. That's 15 cents per minute, not 10 cents per minute. Matsch's basic rate plan doesn't include any monthly fees, so you're actually paying our published rates.